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Avocado is a superfood

Avocado is a superfood.

It’s good for your skin.

Banana is a healthy food for kids

Banana is a superfood.

It has energy within.

Cucumber is a healthy kids food

Cucumber is a superfood.

It tells your hair to grow.

About the book

Superfood Attitude is an ABC picture book that was created by qualified Nutritionist, Clare Zivanovic ND, to educate children 3-7 years old about healthy eating.

Bursting with fun food facts you can trust, funny rhymes and cute illustrations, this early learning tool is proving that getting kids to eat MORE fruits, vegetables and whole grains can be fun and easy!

Today’s children are living in unprecedented times, and they need to understand how healthy food choices can keep their immune system strong and their body healthy.

By reading A-Z, you child will learn:

  • Cucumber creates healthy hair
  • Garlic helps keep the ‘bad bugs’ away
  • Pineapple helps heal bruises
  • and so much more.

Ideal for home and school libraries, and aligning with many of the Learning Statements outlined as curriculum in some Aussie schools, Superfood Attitude is suitable for anyone who wants to give their child a stress-free food education that will benefit them for a lifetime.

**BONUS – There are many free downloads on this website to help support the learning process.

Available in Paperback and Digital formats


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About the author

Clare Zivanovic - Children's Health Author

My name is Clare Zivanovic, and I’m a qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist.

I love all things creative and sharing my wellness expertise with others – especially kids! My books help families talk about healthy eating in a fun and simple way, so that children realise that making healthy choices can be easy, even exciting. I have worked within the wellness industry for almost 20 years, which is demonstrated in the amount of detail and attention in Superfood Attitude. The concept for this book came to me after years of clinical practice and, while it seems simple, I’m proud to see it’s proving time and again to get children excited about eating more fruits & vegetables. Welcome to Superfood Attitude – I hope it helps you and your children live healthy and happy lives.

Your Child. Your Family. Your Health.

When your child enters the Superfood Attitude world, they become EMPOWERED by fun food facts that will help them live their best, most healthy life.

Paperback: 38 colour pages printed on premium colour paper

Digital: Available in PDF, ePub and Mobi

Early learning book about nutrition

Free Resources

Colouring In

Download a 5-page colouring-in booklet with fruits & vegetables

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Find A Word

Can your kids find the 10 healthy food words in the word puzzle?

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Connect Dots

Which superfood will your child find after they connect all the dots?

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Education Booklet

This 10-page booklet is ideal for use in the classroom.

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What age group is Superfood Attitude for?

Children 3-7 years old will benefit most from this book. It’s regularly used in child care centres, pre-schools and in year 1 classrooms.

Where can I buy Superfood Attitude

Great question! If you’re in Australia, you can buy a physical book on this website, or a PDF download from Etsy. All other countries can purchase here:


Amazon AU   |   Amazon US   |   Blackwells   |   Fishpond   |   The Book Depository   |   Barnes and Noble   |   Booktopia

Is Superfood Attitude suitable for vegans?

Yes! All of the healthy foods in this book are vegan and gluten free. It wasn’t exactly planned that way, but it’s worked out well as it suits most dietary choices.

Are wholesale discounts available for schools/retailers?

Of course!

For full details of what kind of wholesale discounts are available, simply send a query email to the publisher:


What Mums & Dads are Saying

“What a wonderful children’s book, I absolutely loved Superfood Attitude! The nutritional information is easy to understand and the colourful illustrations perfectly highlight each message. The beautiful delivery of nutritional information will help any child explore new foods for special powers. Every parent, caregiver and child-based educational facility need this book.”

– Delina Rahmate – BHSC. (Nutritional Medicine), B. Nursing, Grad Dip. (Education), Grandma, CEO of Fit Dimension

“My children and I loved Superfood Attitude. The illustrations made the story come to life for my two daughters and the message behind it is fantastic. Since reading the book they have begun asking questions about other foods and how they benefit the body. I wish this was introduced to me when I was young.”

-Mitchell Evans – Former New York Yankee, Triathelete, Father of Young Girls

“Such a fantastic book! Thanks for helping us get kids excited about new foods & what they can do for their body! Ameli loves reading it & Sofia likes to learn more from the resource guide. Cucumbers for Rapunzel hair.. here we come!”

– Livia Sullivan Mum of 2, Health Advocate

I purchased Clare Zivanovic’s book [Superfood Attitude] and it’s incredible. My 5 year old already asks questions about the content and now asks about some of the foods rhymed about.

– Rebecca, Mum and Wellness Advocate

Children's Health Food Book


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